... there’s the suggestion that you and Sheryl Crow are tied for the best legs in rock. What’s the secret to great gams? And general beauty? Wow! That’s such a nice compliment. Well, I was a dancer when I was a young girl, so, early on, I fell in love with the physical connectedness you experience when you dance or play sports as a kid. Through the years, I became addicted to that feeling. One of the things I loved about dancing was that it was always done in conjunction with music. And when I went to UC Berkeley, I was in the dance company. I’ve continued to be physically active all these years, but now I just stay in shape by walking. The lines have blurred between walking for exercise and walking for peace of mind. I love to be outdoors and it always grounds me, literally, just feeling my feet on the ground, breathing fresh air, looking at flowers, seeing the world. It makes me feel relaxed and ready for the day. I’m religious about it. I’ve joked with friends who have asked me about getting in shape that the best diet in the world is having a great audiobook that you are only allowed to listen to it while you’re walking or exercising. I also believe in eating healthfully, whatever that means for you. But be mindful of how and what you eat — don’t eat when you watch TV. Eating whole foods whenever possible is a really good idea, too. I can totally see you in 25 years or so with a big hat and an easel, whiling your days away painting and strolling on the beach. Yeah. The thing is, you spend so much of your life working toward various goals, trying to accomplish something — even if it’s just crossing things off your to-do list. I actually feel like I’m in a particularly busy phase having started my own label (Baroque Folk) for this new solo project. There is something really thrilling about being the little engine that could and making it happen on my own. I’m also enjoying a new sense of perspective, being where I am and how far I’ve come. And I’m incredibly grateful for it all. Sometimes it can be hard to watch yourself grow older in our hi-def culture, and I do have a desire to reprioritize, at some point… to travel for travel’s sake, to take a moment to enjoy life, and to not focus on work 24/7.