As you ramp up to the release of your new solo album, you’ve been very active on Tumblr, posting all sorts of groovy stuff. How do other art forms influence your music?  I’ve always been fascinated — and even obsessed — by art in all forms. We traveled a lot as a family and my parents took me and my brothers to great museums and to see films and theater and dance performances. I danced and painted from an early age through college at the University of California at Berkeley where I was a member of the dance company. My mom had studied art at Yale and painted a lot during my childhood, so there were always art supplies around. I am so grateful to my parents for encouraging me to follow my bliss. I think what draws me to music, film, painting, sculpture, theater is that there is a contagious joy in the experience of it. A great song or beautiful painting changes how we see the world, and connects us to each other in a unique and profound way. Who are your top five artistic influences — not limited to music? This is an impossible question! There are way too many to list, and it’s so difficult to narrow it to five. But here are a few that pop into my mind today… The Beatles, Henri Matisse, Francoise Truffaut, Burt Bacharach-Hal David songs, and Woody Allen films of the 1970s and ’80s. Tomorrow the list could be The Beatles, Patti Smith, Tom Perrotta books, Joni Mitchell, and Pablo Picasso.