Susanna Talks to RiffRaf About Songwriting and More

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 in News
Ming-Tea-498x500RiffRaf had so many questions about songwriting for Susanna that they had to break up their interview into part one and part two. Among her answers, Susanna hinted at a possible, hopeful Ming Tea reunion: "In a way Mike [Myers] was workshopping Austin, I would say, because he always thought of Austin as a guy who had a band. He was in swinging London, you know, part of the Carnaby Street scene and all that, but he also just happened to be a spy. Since everybody had a band in those days so did Austin. I’ve been talking to Matthew Sweet and every time I talk to Mike, we talk about music. He’s really into music; he’s a player; he’s an excellent drummer, a singer, a songwriter. It would be fun to do it. As a musical project, you know?"