PopEntertainment Chats with Susanna about ‘Someday’

Posted on Dec 11, 2012 in News
In her chat with the PopEntertainment blog, Susanna talked about how she distinguishes Bangles tunes from solo songs: "A lot of the songs that ended up on the last two Bangles records were songs that I had intended to do [solo]. I didn’t expect to be making Bangles records, so I just threw whatever songs [out] that I thought Vicki and Debbi might like and, in the case of Doll Revolution, Vicki, Debbi, and Micki. We were all just throwing into the pile for consideration. Anything we thought the other members would like and want to record. So that’s what happened. 'Something That You Said' was a song that I’d written with Charlotte Caffey [of the Go-Go's]. Another song we wrote, 'I’ll Never Be Through With You,' ended up on Sweetheart of the Sun. Those were songs I’d been intending to end up on a solo record. I wasn’t really holding anything back, I guess."